Ahh. Christmas at Hazlewood Castle.

Our favourite time of year at the hotel. The nod to the festivities begins when our sales ladies start dressing the hotel in tinsel and lights. It has become a tradition that they’re the chosen decorators. Hazlewood law. 

The peacocks seem to know it’s Christmas too, with their yells and vocals becoming all the more jolly with every passing day. 

My favourite part of Hazlewood at Christmas is the driveway. You turn off the hectic motorway and are suddenly whisked into a world of stillness, as if time has stopped. You drive slowly, taking in the frost covered trees and noticing the birds that perch and watch you as you enter their haven. You drive for what feels like an eternity until the grand Castle appears in front of you, almost out of nowhere. You can smell the smoke from the log burners billowing out of the chimneys, and the mulled wine scent spilling out of the open kitchen window. 

The bag dropping and unpacking flies by in an instant, and you’re rushing because you’ve got somewhere to be. By the fire. You perch there, nestle in for the night. Tipple of choice in hand, companion of choice by your side. Bliss. 

Here’s a few of my favourite Christmas offerings this festive season:

For our food-lovers, our senior classic lunches and our festive lunch and dinner options are mouth-wateringly up your street. From £24.50 per person, depending on your package, you’re wined and dined to the nines. Not to be missed. 

For our night owls and dancers, our festive party nights are for you. We’ve got dates for castle or woodland private party hire throughout December, and believe me when I say, dancing the night away in the woods on a starry night is not something to miss out on. 

For our black tie babes, Hollywood at Hazlewood. An evening of finesse, charm, glam. It’s show business. It’s sophistication. It’s the night of the year.

For our traditional Christmas friends, our Carol Concert. This event is perhaps one of our most treasured at Hazlewood. We host a group of professional musicians and singers and they lead us through a range of unison hymns, solo songs, and often some funny stories. It’s a charming evening that sets you up for a holiday of rest and joy. 

So, Christmas at Hazlewood is everything and anything you want it to be. Find out everything you could possibly need to know here in our flip book, and we’ll see you this December. 

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