At Hazlewood Castle & Spa, we’re always looking at new ways to operate in a more sustainable way, here are a few of the things that we are doing right now.

Energy, Carbon & Water Reduction

  • · We have energy efficient modular boilers to lower our carbon emissions.
  • · We’re committed to changing all of our lighting to low energy LED
  • · We have water conservation measures in place, including capturing rainwater for irrigation in our gardens.

Environmental Programs

  • · We’re working hard on recycling and waste reduction, including separate bins for general, plastic, paper waste and glass.
  • · Our bedroom linens and towels replaced every third day for long stay guests, unless otherwise requested.
  • · We have vegan and vegetarian menus available.

Waste Reduction

  • · We’re reducing single use plastics throughout the hotel & spa.
  • · Glass bottled water available from all outlets.
  • · Re-fillable toiletries in all public area bathrooms.
  • · Paper straws in are in use at all food and beverage outlets.
  • · Pencils are used throughout all of our conference facilities rather than pens.
  • · Paper bags used for all takeaway items.
  • · All brochures & literature available online to reduce the need for paper brochures.
  • · All in room menus are available via our guest app, reducing the need for paper menus in guest bedrooms.
  • · We avoid unnecessary printing wherever possible.
  • · We create wood chippings for pathways and logs for our fires from the management our woods.

Sustainable Food and Drink

  • · We have local, sustainable and seasonal items available on our menus.
  • · We use responsibly sourced seafood where possible.
  • · We use organic eggs.
  • · We have food waste reduction program in place, any waste is

              i. Source locally to reduce carbon footprint and support local producers/suppliers.

             ii. Encourage pre-orders from guests to reduce wastage.

            iii. Order in small quantities to reduce stock holding and therefore wastage.

            iv. Have robust stock management procedures in place.

  • · We have a kitchen garden in our grounds, the items produced are used on our restaurant menu.
  • · We use Verre de vin systems to reduce wine & sparkling wine waste.


Biodiversity and Conversation

  • · We are proud to partner with Temple Spa in our spa, 90% of their package components are fully recyclable. 100% vegetarian friendly products and use only sustainable palm oil.
  • · Our gardens are planted with native plants, reducing the need for pesticides and waste water.


Purchasing Practices

  • · We are focused on partnering with sustainable suppliers wherever possible.
  • · Suppliers are encouraged to reduce unnecessary packaging.


  • · We encourage long term business relationships with partners to ensure stability for both them and us.
  • · We’re proud to employ local people across our hotel and spa to help support our local communities with sustainable jobs.
  • · We invest in training and development of our team members, equipping them with the skills for a prosperous career in hospitality.
  • · We promote a positive and supportive work environment.