Hazlewood Babies

Between the years of 1939 and 1953 over 2,500 babies were born at the Castle during Hazlewoods stint as a maternity hospital.

On 2nd September 2009 over 1,500 of the Hazlewood babies met up at a garden party thrown in their honour, it was an emotional occasion where babies, mothers, midwives and fathers shared some incredible moments in their lives as well as some heart-warming stories.

All of the babies on the day enjoyed the garden party of the year from which many became minor celebrities in their home-town, and all have become Ashdale Loyalty card holders.

Our Director - Martin Wicks welcomed the babies

May I welcome all the Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses returning to your birth-place, Hazlewood Castle. We have a number of babies and family members here today who have travelled from France, Canada and Australia and for which we are all very grateful to you.

Today is about reminiscing and sharing life memories of those born here and who gave birth during the Castle’s time as a maternity hospital between 1939 and 1953. In preparing for today we asked for your own personal life stories which make wonderful reading and will now take permanent pride of place in our Flemish Hall as a Commemorative Memoir.

We are also filming today and I am sure many more fascinating and emotional stories will be told, shared and enjoyed. Your birthplace is very special and really captures the imagination with its history which even includes a reference in the Dooms Day Book.

The bloodiest battle on English soil, the War of the Roses was fought in view of the Castle at Towton. The Vavasours who lived in the Castle took refuge in the Chapel and prayed for their lives.

Later on in the 16th Century the Castle’s Tudor Tower was offered at residence to King Henry 8th on his intent to arrest the Arch Bishop in York for ruling the North as Catholics. The offer although declined ensured the Chapel was not desecrated and the Vavasours left in peace.

There are many more tales and you play a very significant part in that history and as such are now welcomed as Life Long Members of Hazlewood Castle with the associated privileges.

Throughout the afternoon please explore the Castle, Chapel and our grounds. Visit your actual place of birth and even your ward where our guides will regale you with tales through the centuries.

Afternoon tea is available throughout and please take time to visit some of our stalls where you can receive more information about the Castle, Your Privilege Card, purchase Personal Stories, History DVD’s and even Vavasour Family Wine who resided here for many centuries.

There is much to enjoy and I would like to Thank You for celebrating with us, the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses of Hazlewood Castle.

Thank You.

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We haven't found all of our babies yet! If you are a Hazlewood Baby we would love to hear from you. To become a part of our family, please send us a copy of your birth certificate and your personal story, Hazlewood Baby membership card, entitling you to discounts on accommodation, food & drink and complimentary invites to some of the Castle's events.